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About Us

The Family Pup was born out of a lifetime love for pets and design

We are a company dedicated to crafting well-made, thoughtfully designed products for discerning pets and their owners. 


Pets Are Family

Most likely you believe your pet is a part of your family. You would do anything for them when sick, hurt, etc. Your pet has stolen a part of your heart. You make think everyone feels this way, but it is not true. 

Sorry to be a downer, but this is important to our story.

We started our business with the idea in mind that we could give back. It is too often pets are being taken to shelters, dumped in ditches, left in the middle of nowhere, and so on. 

This literally breaks our hearts. Does it break yours?  

Can you imagine being a baby left in the middle of nowhere? Or having a medical problem and left to fend for yourself? Like we said, it breaks out heart to read these horrific situations.

Our mission is to give a portion of every sale to the Human Society. If you aren't aware of their missions and values, you can read more here. 

Not only does our mission drive our business, but also our love for pets and their style needs. We believe your pets deserve the best.



We Believe

  • We believe that pets are a part of the family.
  • We believe that style and functionality should go hand in hand.
  • We believe in classic, well-made garments.
  • We believe in supporting small businesses.
  • We believe in giving back and actively support pet charities.
  • We believe that pets deserve the same style and quality of clothing we expect for ourselves.