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My Everyday Dog Training Tools

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There are literally thousands of dog lovers all over the world who are struggling right

now with their puppy and dog problems due to a lack of knowledge. It’s actually very

sad to think that all of this could have been avoided if owners had known some

simple techniques and been given some of the secrets that the top dog trainers know

and understand.

Unfortunately, because humans and dogs are biologically so different to each other,

there are certain things that we do that can actually cause these problems rather than solve them. Of course we love our dogs, and we want the amazing relationships that other people have. But the reality is that our actions are actually often causing the dog problems we are experiencing… and it doesn’t have to be this way.

That’s right – if you had known what I am about to share with you early on, when

you first got your dog or puppy, then none of these issues that you are facing now

would ever have started. You would instead be enjoying life with your amazing dog

as we speak.

However if things are not going well with your dog or puppy don’t feel that all is

lost. There’s still hope that you can turn everything around and it’s actually easier

than you think. Even if you’ve tried everything you can think of, tried several dog

trainers and read lots of books, deep down you know that there is something


You see the real problem is that we are not taught about how dogs think, so it’s a

mystery to most people how we should work with them. We’re stuck trying out

tactics that we think make sense to humans without ever considering what it actually

means to our dog.

This guide will explain some very important areas to focus on that will give your dog

a completely different view of you, their owner and get them to start listening to

every single word you say. Plus I’ve included some of the tools I use every day with

my clients.

Are you really ready to stop all those unwanted behaviors? Are you ready to get your

puppy or dog of onto the right track and build that relationship you always dreamt